Sports Meeting 6-7-2010

Last names and contact information was left out of this post.  If you’d like contact information for any of the speakers below, leave your email address in the comments section, or send an email to and the contact information shared at the meeting will be sent to you.
Our speakers were:

Deanna – FAITH Sports
Sue – MFYSL (Micro Family Youth Soccer League)
Debbie – Summit Sports
Denise – Christian Football League, 4-H Equestrian
Lisa – AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization)

Deanna with FAITH Homeschool / FAITH Sports in Lapeer
Began 6 yrs ago
Has Fall Boys Soccer / Girls Volleyball
Winter Boys Basketball / Girls Basketball
Spring Boys Baseball / Girls Soccer
They compete against other homeschool groups and Christian schools. It is a 2-3 night per week committment. There is a focus on sportsmanship and has all volunteer Christian coaches. FAITH Sports has reasonable fees and they try to keep costs low. Player buys his own uniform. Indoor games are played at Hunter’s Creek Community Church, and all games are played within a 1 hour radius of Lapeer.

Sports are an important aspect of homeschooling because it develops character, there is interaction on a team, and patience and learning are encouraged.

Denise – Christian Football League of Michigan

Michigan Warriors Football
Troy Defenders, Lapeer Steelers
Why can’t homeschooled kids play on public school teams? There is no head count. Some of the southern states are working on passing the Tim Tebow law (famous football player that was homeschooled, but played football on a public school team). Michigan High School Athletic Association is the regulating agency (high school principals). Sports scholarships are a concern for some homeschool families. Christian Football League encourages discipline and gentlemanly conduct. The league has play-offs and Friday night football. There are 4 home games at Brandon High School in Ortonville, 1 in Grand Haven, Ann Arbor, Saline, Lansing, Troy. Practice begin in August; games run through November and are located in Davison. Cost is $125 (younger) – $200 (older) plus fundraising ($100-$200).

Denise – Equestrian
Started out with 4-H, but it was very expensive.  If you would like a copy of the hand-out she passed out at the meeting, you may email her (leave a comment with your email address and I will send contact info by email).  There are opportunities for working with Equine Gatherings in Metamora. Start at age 8-9 Cloverbuds, showing horses.  Later, begin riding events, ability, sorting, gymkhana, barrel racing, jumping, drill team.  Michigan State University offers many events.  One event is called Vetavisit, usually held in April.

Sue – Micro Family Youth Soccer League (MFYSL)
Web site is currently not working, in process of getting fixed.
MFYSL is for homeschoolers only, ages 4-16.  It focuses on safety and developing soccer skills. Michigan State Youth Soccer Association.  Costs are $31 for first child, $28 for 2nd, $26 for 3rd, $21 for 4th, plus cost of uniform (t-shirt, can be used for more than 1 year, until outgrown).  Dues cover Fall and Spring season.  Meets at Christ the King Church in Oxford.  Games are on Tues nights and Sat mornings.  Fall season is Sept/Oct, Spring season is April – midJune.  There are 2 practice and 11 games.  Parents are required to volunteer (moms to infants or with health concerns – talk to Craig about this).  Contact Craig (leave a comment with your email address and I’ll email you this contact info).

Lisa – AYSO Soccer in Almont, Dryden, Imlay City
Volunteering is not required to participate.  This is open to public, private, and homeschooled kids (it is not an exclusively homeschooled group). 

Strong Tower Girls Softball – this was mentioned as an option for girls softball.

Debbie – Summit Sports.�
Began in 1994.  Boys Basketball, Fastpitch Baseball, Girls Volleyball, Basketball.  Soccer program (now run by Keith K.)  Unique try-out process: parents stay.  The program is competitive.  National Homeschool Golf Tournament.
Debbie recommended the book The Disciplined Life by Richard Taylor.�
In order to provide this competitive, well-organized group, some money comes from fundraising, such as the annual Homeschooling Works Book Sale. 

Insurance was brought up in conversation, and many sports groups use Sadler Amateur Sports for insurance.